Nifty Bear Web Design has years of experience sending high quality and personalised emails to customers in a variety of sectors. We have worked with the most popular software on the market, including MailChimp and DotDigital. 

Email marking, if utilised properly, can be a very valuable tool to promote your brand and generate new leads. Emails allow you to send engaging and interesting information to your clients, whether you want to keep them up to date with news affecting their industry, or you are trying to spread the word of a new product, service or promotion you’re offering.

Also, providing those who have enquired about your products or services have opted in to receiving Marketing emails, you can contact these people with promotions, as you please. This can be a very powerful way to win new business.

Sending an email is one thing, but measuring their impact is a whole new thing. Nifty Bear can help you identify which of your emails have been the most successful based on some fascinating statistics:

  • The open rate – how many people have opened your email?
  • Click through rate – did the people who opened your email bother to click on any of the hyperlinks you included?
  • Unsubscribes – did one email in particular lead to a high number of people opting out of receiving future communications from you?
  • Undeliverable emails and bounces – are the email addresses you have on record reliable, or have people given you false contact details that have resulted in your email not being delivered as intended?

Don’t forget, it’s critically important that the data you store and use for Marketing emails is GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulations) friendly. If you have any questions about GDPR, we’d be happy to provide advice.


Whatever you’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you and to see if we can help with your next project.