Welcome to Nifty Bear Web Design!

We’ll build you a website to be proud of!

If you’re looking for a professional and friendly company to build you a brand new website, or bring your old-fashioned site to life, you’ve come to the right place!

Located in Bedfordshire, Nifty Bear Web Design has been created especially to cater for small businesses throughout the UK. Our focus is to provide you with a service that you’ll never forget – for the right reasons. This means that we’ll do everything in our power to build you your dream website and within the budget you have set. We’re certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see you quote – we’re super competitive and will always go above and beyond your expectations. Please check out some of our recently client feedback.

We specialise in building modern, mobile friendly and beautiful websites on WordPress – one of the most popular platforms in the world. Whether you’re photographer looking to showcase your amazing portfolio, or a local restaurant trying to build your brand, we have the expertise to help you get your perfect website and to encourage more visitors.

Not only that, Nifty Bear Web Design can also help you with your additional marketing requirements.

Web Design – Nifty Bear Web Design, as the name may suggest, is a website development company. Our focus is helping small businesses get the website they’ve always wanted – at a price they’re more than happy to pay! Whatever you’re looking for, get in contact with us for a quick and excellent value quotation.

Graphic Design – Our designers are on hand to assist you with your design requirements. In the past, we have designed business cards, social media posts, merchandise branding, posters, flyers, leaflets, brochures, clothing, and more! We can also your items printed and delivered in a flash!

Social Media – There’s no hiding from social media in this day and age, but can it help you win new business? We suspect it can and were here to show you how. Get in contact today to discuss how Nifty Bear can grow your online following and help generate new leads from word of mouth.

Content and Blogs – The content that is on your website is more important than you may imagine because not only must it be engaging for your visitors, it must also be favoured by Google and other search engines. Nifty Bear web design can write your website content, as well as blog articles that will impress your audience and help give your business an identity to be cherish.

Branding – Having eye-catching and appropriate branding is so important small businesses but it can be difficult to achieve. However, we can help. Nifty Near has helped new businesses get off the ground with a stunning and memorable brand, as well as provide ongoing assistance with re-branding for long-established companies.

Email Marketing – Emailing remains one of the most popular digital marketing strategies out there. When used correctly, you could generate new enquiries whilst raising brand awareness. Nifty Bear has years of experience in writing, designing and sending Marketing emails to a variety of different audiences.

SEO – In simple terms, Search Engine Optimisation means creating content that search engines rank highly. For example, if you are a cake maker in Bedford, you want to rank highly for the search phrase “cake maker in Bedford”. This is where Nifty Bear can help! We have a proven track record of generating organic traffic growth on a number of websites and we are ready to help your business grow.

Analytics – It’s important that you understand your website and who is visiting it, because if you don’t, you could be wasting money on unsuccessful advertising avenues. Do you know where people are finding your site? Did your recent advert actually generate any traffic? Is Facebook the number one source of traffic for your site? Therese are all questions that Nifty Bear can answer in the form of a detailed and easy to understand marketing report. We can provide monthly, quarterly and yearly reports – whatever you require.


Whatever you’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you and to see if we can help with your next project.