Project Description

Graeme contacted Nifty Bear for advice regarding a new venture. A very talented man with years of experience in the armed forces, Graeme decided it was time to create a personal training business on the side – to help people reach there goals and to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. A brilliant idea indeed!

The first thing that Graeme needed was a logo. He had a good idea of what he was looking for – ‘Graeme Robertson PT’ incorporated with some traditional weights. Nifty Bear sent over a few ideas that we created on Adobe Illustrator, and the feedback was excellent. It was clear we were along the right lines.

After a few minor tweaks of the favoured design – Nifty Bear struck gold! The logo was signed off and sent to Graeme in various formats (vector, png, jpeg) – all within 5 days.

Graeme suggested he’d be getting some merchandise (t-shirts, etc.) made at a later date. Therefore, we wanted to make sure the logo looked excellent on both a light and a dark background. We’re delighted that the logo has been so well received.

The second thing that Graeme needed was professional emails. Thankfully, Nifty Bear specialise in setting these up on Gmail, along with the purchase of the domain. Within 48 hours, was purchased and was set up and ready to send and receive emails. Make sure you send that address a message if you’re looking for a PT – you’ll be in the very safest hands!

What a project! It’s been a pleasure to help out a good friend. Graeme – please let me know if you need a website in the future because we’ll be delighted to help!

Oh, and please follow Graeme Robertson PT on Instagram. Thank you!