Nifty Bear Web Design specialises in web design for small business. But, before we get to the sales pitch, have you considered some of the really awesome features that you can have on your new website? And, most importantly, none of these will break the bank!

Homepage slider

The homepage slider is usually the first thing that visitors will see when they go directly to your website. Therefore, this is your chance to grab their attention and present your company in just a couple of seconds. So, make this great opportunity count! We always put a lot of attention on the slider we make for our clients. For example, check out the MC Thermal Insultations home page. Their slider tells you everything you need to know about there business. And, so does the Sheridan Chambers slider (available here).

Space, space, space…

Again, this one is free! Having a well-spaced out website that flows naturally with consistent spacing is vital. It will help show the users that your business is tidy, contemporary and takes its image seriously. You may not consider this a feature as such, but have a look at competitor websites and I bet you’ll find some that look untidy due to a lack of spacing. This little tip will ensure you’re onto a winner and Nifty Bear will always include generous spacing when building websites – unless of course, you’re completely against it!

Mobile Optimisation

Have you ever been on a website using a mobile and thought to yourself – “wow, this is complete garbage!”?

In a world where almost every mobile phone seems to have a gigantic display, you simply cannot afford to have a website that is sluggish in small screens. Some “cowboy” web designers will add a load on top of your quote to make sure your site is “mobile-friendly”. Not us. Every Nifty Bear website is optimised to work seamlessly on all devices – desktop PCs, mobiles, tablets, and more!

Little, modern touches of class

Please visit the Nifty Bear homepage and reload it immediately. Then, slowly scroll down to the bottom. You’ll notice that as you scroll, parts of the page start to appear in unconventional ways. Some elements will smoothly rise from the bottom. Others will flash. One of the sections flies in from above. These are all little extras that can make your site look the real-deal. Our recommendation – don’t go OTT because you could de-value your brand by making it look a little bit tacky!

An easy to use contact form

Contact forms are important – very important. They need to be located in the right places on your website and they need to be easy to use. Take the Nifty Bear contact form, for example. We’re not saying it’s a masterpiece, but the user cannot go wrong when completing it! It’s simple, short and grabs all the information we need in order to get back to the person who submitted it.

Don’t take your contact forms for granted. Nifty Bear will help you create a form that is short, snappy and will maximise the number of conversions. We’re here to help!

Emails (getting the settings right behind the scenes is really important)

A lot of our clients are looking for a new business email set up to go alongside their new website. You know, something like This is something we can assist with. But there is more to emails than merely having a mailbox created.

Picture your website. When somebody completes one of the contact forms on your website, you will receive an email with their information. And, the person who has submitted the form will also get an email (if you want them to) saying something along the lines of – “Thank you for contacting us – we’ll be in touch shortly”.

Frequently, we see the email that is sent to you and the email that is sent to your client go directly to the spam folder. However, this can be avoided by arranging every email that is sent via your website (the contact forms) to be sent directly from your own business email address – rather than being sent from the website itself. This will reduce the chance of outgoing emails arriving in spam folders and being identified as “junk”. We can help set this up for you.

Eye-catching images – not generic “stock” photographs

Do you need us to fill out your website with some cheesy “stock” images? Sure – we can do that for you. However, through experience, real photos of your business and examples of your work will make a real difference and a lasting impression on your audience.

For example, Nifty Bear Web Design made a site for a local business – RD Designs. Please check out their portfolio page. It looks fantastic because the photos are all genuine and showcase what RD Designs is all about.  And, we can help make these photos look even more glorious by optimising their quality and presentation.

Who would you trust more – a company who only use stock images? Or, a company that uses real pictures that show what they’ve achieved? Stock images serve a purpose, but don’t rely solely on them.

Site-wide calls to action

It’s a great idea to have multiple calls to action throughout your website. These can be subtle, or large and ‘in-your-face’. It’s really up to you. Remember, your website is there to show your clients what you are all about, and to try and generate new business as well. The more links you have to a contact form – the better. Actually, that’s not strictly true. Don’t be “spammy” and oversell your offerings.

A tidy and sticky menu

The menu is effectively the sat nav of your website. It is the way your potential clients navigate around your site and find the information they need. As a result, it goes without saying that it’s essential to have a clear and easy-to-use one!

The Nifty Bear website uses a sticky menu – meaning it’s always on show – no matter where you are on the page. Give it a try. Scroll to the very bottom of this blog and you’ll notice the menu is still showing at the top of the page. This is a sticky menu. It’s definitely not a necessity and you may decide you don’t like this type of menu. However, definitely consider it because they’re a popular choice on modern websites.

Obvious links to social media

There is no question that small businesses should have a strong presence on social media. Therefore, make sure your profiles are obvious throughout your website. We recommend having them at the top of your site (in the top bar), as well as on the contact page and the website footer.

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